Cashmere Toque


There may be days when you want to brandish your bald and beautiful head like the stone cold fox you arebut the keyword here is “cold.” Keep cozy with this chic and luxurious hat. It can be worn fitted or with a slouch at the back, and looks amazing on everyone, even if you’re not necessarily a “hat person.” Plus, it’s 100% cashmere. Yeah, that’s right. Cashmere.

“I dealt with my hair loss in stages. First, a short cut. Then, when it started to come out in chunks, I shaved it all off. I had a wig ready to go, but some days I’d throw my toque on over it so I didn't stand out as much. It was also great for days when I was so sick of the wig that I could just throw on the toque and get lost in the crowd.”
Dory K., diagnosed at 29

Material: 4 ply knit 100% pure cashmere. Hand wash. Made in Mongolia exclusively for The Cashmere Shop.